TCDW is proud to endorse the
following candidates and organizations.


2023 Candidates

Wayne Fournier for Thurston County Commissioner, district 4

Emily Clouse for Thurston County Commissioner, district 5

Jasmine Vasavada for Port Commissioner, district 1

Sarah Tonge for Port Commissioner, district 5

Dontae Payne for City of Olympia Mayor

Dani Madrone for Olympia City Council, position 3

Yen Huynh for Olympia City Council, position 2

Leatta Dahlhoff for Tumwater City Council, position 1

Joan Cathey for Tumwater City Council, position 3

Kelly Von Holtz for Tumwater City Council, position 7

Spencer Zeman for Lacey City Council, position 2

Nic Dunning for Lacey City Council, position 3

Esperanza Badillo-Diiorio for North Thurston School Board, district 4

Michelle Gipson for North Thurston School Board, district 5

Maria Flores for Olympia School Board, district 1

Hilary Seidel for Olympia School Board, district 4

Jess Tourtellotte-Palumbo for Olympia School Board, district 2

Tesa Frevert for Griffin School Board, position 1

2022 Candidates

Marilyn Strickland - Congress 10th

Steve Hobbs - Secretary of State     

Jessica Bateman - LD House 22

Beth Doglio - LD House 22

Sandra Kaiser - LD House 35 

Julianne Gale - LD Senate 35   

Jeff Gadman - Thurston Co. Treasurer     

Mary Hall - Thurston Co. Auditor     

Steven Drew - Thurston Co. Assessor     

Tye Menser - Thurston Co. Commissioner   

Jon Tunheim - Thurston Co. Prosecutor     

Gary Warnock - Thurston Co. Corner      

Tonya Moore - Thurston Co. Clerk

Linda Enlow - Thurston Co. Clerk

James DeHart - LD House 35

2021 Candidates

Angela Jefferson - Tumwater City Council, position 2

Debbie Sullivan - Tumwater Mayor

Eileen Swarthout - Tumwater City Council, position 4

Robin Vazquez - Lacey City Council, position 4

Carolyn Cox - Lacey City Council, position 7

Joel Hansen - Port of Olympia Commissioner, district 3

Jessie Simmons - Port of Olympia Commissioner, district 2

Lisa Parshley - Olympia City Council, position 5

Clark Gilman - Olympia City Council, position 4

Jim Cooper - Olympia City Council, position 7

Yen Huynh - Olympia City Council, position 2

Dontae Payne - Olympia City Council, position 6

Pamella Johnson - North Thurston School Board, district 2

Darcy Huffman - Olympia School Board, district 3

Scott Clifthorne - Olympia School Board, district 5

2020 Candidates

Beth Doglio - 10th Congressional District

Denny Heck - Lieutenant Governor

Sam Hunt - Senator, 22nd Legislative District

Laurie Dolan - Representative, 22nd Legislative District, Pos 1

Jessica Bateman - Representative, 22nd Legislative District, Pos 2

Colton Myers - Representative, 35th Legislative District, Pos 1

Darcy Huffman - Representative, 35th Legislative District, Pos 2

Veronica Whitcher Rockett - Representative, 2nd Legislative District, Pos 2

Carolina Mejia - County Commissioner, District 1

Michael Steadman - County Commissioner, District 2

2019 Candidates

Dani Madrone - Olympia City Council

Jessica Bateman - Olympia City Council

Cheryl Selby - Mayor, City of Olympia

Leatta Dahlhoff - Tumwater City Council

Lynda Zeman - Lacey City Council

Helen Wheatley, Joe Downing - Port of Olympia

Maria Flores - Olympia School District